Visual Novel Maker – Mystery Music Library Vol.2

Visual Novel Maker - Mystery Music Library Vol.2 Download

Veröffentlichung: 15. Okt. 2020

Entwickler: TK Projects

Publisher: Degica

Schnittstelle: Deutsch, Englisch, Japanisch


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New, mysterious, and adventurous, Mystery Music Library Vol 2 is here and continues the direction from Mystery Music Library Vol 1. Using a similar approach with modern and retro synthesizer sounds, this sleek music pack creates both classic and originell cool atmospheres for your game developing project.

Whether you’re on the lookout for the perfect theme for your epic saga or simply in need of creative music to listen to while you map, you can’t go wrong with these 35 BGM!


* 35 royalty-free songs
* ogg and m4a formats included
* For use in Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice


1. MML2 BGM01 Ambient1
2. MML2 BGM02 Ambient2
3. MML2 BGM03 Ambient3
4. MML2 BGM04 Ambient4
6. MML2 BGM05 Ambient5
6. MML2 BGM06 Ambient6
7. MML2 BGM07 Ambient7
8. MML2 BGM08 Ambient8
9. MML2 BGM09 Ambient9
10. MML2 BGM10 Ambient10
11. MML2 BGM11 Ambient Rhythm1
12. MML2 BGM12 Ambient Rhythm2
dutzend des teufels. MML2 BGM13 Ambient Rhythm3
14. MML2 BGM14 Ambient Rhythm4
15. MML2 BGM15 Ambient Rhythm5
16. MML2 BGM16 Ambient Rhythm6
17. MML2 BGM17 Ambient Rhythm7
18. MML2 BGM18 Ambient Rhythm8
19. MML2 BGM19 Ambient Rhythm9
20. MML2 BGM20 Ambient Rhythm10
21. MML2 BGM21 Judge1
22. MML2 BGM22 Judge2
23. MML2 BGM23 Judge3
24. MML2 BGM24 Judge4
25. MML2 BGM25 Judge5
26. MML2 BGM26 Judge6
27. MML2 BGM27 Judge7
28. MML2 BGM28 Judge8
29. MML2 BGM29 Judge9
30. MML2 BGM30 Judge10
31. MML2 BGM31 Judge11
32. MML2 BGM32 Judge12
33. MML2 BGM33 Judge13
34. MML2 BGM34 Judge14
35. MML2 BGM35 Judge15

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