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Mixcraft 8 Home Studio Download

Mixcraft 8 Home Studio

Über diese Software Mixcraft 8 Home Studio is an easy-to-use music program that lets you quickly and easily record up to 16 audio and MIDI tracks, arrange loops, remix, score and edit video, and mix and master compositions. Let your […]

Félix VR Download

Félix VR

Über diese Software Julia, our protagonist, falls in love with a newcomer to a small town. However, after a couple of encounters they don’t see each other again. Everything points towards her being kidnapped, and probably tortured. In „Félix VR“ […]

Microdose VR Download

Microdose VR

Ãœber diese Software Explore worlds of living particle systems that generate animated art and respond to your touch. Use a palette of particle brushes, color stories and post process effects to activate your imagination with this VR flow state simulator. […]

Tvori Download


Über diese Software Create story prototypes such as animatics & previs, prototype XR apps, and make complete animated films. Prior knowledge of 3D content creation is not required to get started creating in Tvori. It’s easy to learn as you […]

Source Filmmaker Download

Source Filmmaker

Über diese Software Der Source Filmmaker (SFM) ist das Videobearbeitungsprogramm, sein von uns hier für Valve programmiert und genutzt wird, um Filme via der Source Engine abgeschlossen erstellen. Weil der SFM auf die gleiche Objektdatenbank wie das Spiel zurückgreift, kann […]

Crosshair X Download

Crosshair X

Ãœber diese Software Every designated hitter has a designated bat. Every ace on the court has dedicated racket. And every eSports competitor deserves a state-of-the-art eSport Pro-inspired Crosshair they can depend on for every shot, in every game, every time […]

Grand Designer Features pack Download

Grand Designer Features pack

This DLC adds 40+ features resources to build planets. Those features are either structures, cities, buildings, hell holes, lava pits, rock formations that you can spawn on the surface of the planets to enrich them. You plant have also access […]