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Stone it! Download

Stone it!

Stone it! – Das Logikspiel, bei dem Jene einen Block zum Anliegen rollen müssen. Lösen Jene Rätsel mit Knöpfen, räumen Sie die Straße via Lasern und unteren Brücken – tun Sie vieles, um das Ziel abgeschlossen erreichen. Schöne Orte sorgen […]

Hoards of Glory Download

Hoards of Glory

Hoards of Glory is a dice placement game for 1 to 4 players OR take on Viking AI characters in a single-player game! Players take on the role of a Viking captain, traveling the known world seeking companions and treasure. […]

Yachu Dice Download

Yachu Dice

Yachu Dice! Yachu is a simplified version of the classic Yahtzee dice game with clean UIsupporting „Local Multiplayer“ Roll the dice, score high and beat your friends!You can play with friends up to 4 players Yachu currently features:-high scores-number of […]

Lost Frontier Download

Lost Frontier

Welcome to the Outlands, Partner. Lost Frontier is a turn-based strategy game set darüber hinaus a fantasy-western setting filled with improbable technology and the supernatural. Can you survive with just your wit and a six-gun at your side? Lost Frontier […]

Möbius Front '83 Download

Möbius Front ’83

The year is 1983 and the United States of America must defend itself from fuer enemy it could have never imagined— an America from an alternate universe that will stop at nothing to seize control of the country’s heartland! In […]

Last Regiment Download

Last Regiment

Last Regiment is a fantasy-themed strategy and card game zwitterhaft with streamlined controls and simultaneous turn-based multiplayer, charakteristisch single-player campaigns set mit the original fantasy world of Kothia with Exploding Fae, Flying Squirrels, Orcs, Pirates, Chainsaw Elves, and more. Form […]

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut Download

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut ist Harebrained Schemes‘ Standalone-Veröffentlichung der von dieser Kritik gefeierten Dragonfall-Kampagne, chip zuerst als große Dilatation für Shadowrun Returns erschien. Der Director’s Cut fügt dem Originalspiel jede Masse neue Inhalte und Verbesserungen hinzu: 5 brandneue Missionen, […]


Invisible, Inc.

Übernimm die Kontrolle jener Agenten der Invisible Inc. und infiltriere die gefährlichsten Konzerne der Welt. List, Präzision und Teamarbeit sind immer wieder absolut notwendig in riskanten, höchst gewinnbringenden Missionen, mit denen jeder Zug dies Leben eines Agenten kostenaufwand könnte. Klei […]

Once upon a Dungeon Download

Once upon a Dungeon

Once upon a Dungeon is a roguelike game with a dense atmosphere and challenging gameplay. Explore dark dungeons full of dreadful foes. Defeat them using physical power or mighty spells. Meet Slavic gods, discover how to awake them and unleash […]

Mini Army Tactics Medieval Download

Mini Army Tactics Medieval

Casual turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy Medieval era. Strategically command your troops on the battlefield to crush your opponent in combat. Use your troops abilities carefully to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Do you have […]

The Dungeon Paradox Download

The Dungeon Paradox

A science experiment has gone awry and a group of soldiers find themselves in a setting that seems as unlikely as it is fantastic. Go on a journey down many levels of dark hostile dungeon exploration – discover what secrets […]