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Thrusty Ship Download

Thrusty Ship

Thrusty Ship, seems to be cute, however it’s going to spank you… – Nameless Pilot your Thrusty Ship in house. Struggle gravity, gather Cores and smash a bunch of house junk, however watch your gasoline! In Thrusty Ship, the one […]

Night & Day Download

Night & Day

Tag und Nacht ist ein einzigartiger Puzzle-Plattformer. Hilf Tag und Nacht, in jedem Level zu navigieren, indem du Rätsel löst, um zum nächsten Raum zu gelangen. Die Nacht stirbt bei Kontakt mit Licht und lebt im Schatten. Nur die Nacht […]

Marble Odyssey Download

Marble Odyssey

Marble Odyssey follows the journey of Odie, a marble lost on a chain of mysterious ocean islands. Thrust into a series of tests of dexterity, speed and quick thinking as he attempts to rescue himself and his kidnapped friends. Each […]

Rabbit of Destiny Download

Rabbit of Destiny

Eines Tages brach im grünen Waldland eine Panik aus. Die Tiere rannten wie angestochen im Wald herum und bissen sich gegenseitig. Das kleine Kaninchen kam aus seinem Loch heraus und hatte Angst vor dem ganzen Chaos. In dieser Nacht sah […]

TurnOn Download


Die ganze Stadt wurde von Dunkelheit umschlungen. Nach einem Unfall im Kraftwerk muss ein lebendiger, elektrischer Funke die Elektrizität in der Stadt und das übliche, sorgenfreie Leben der Stadtbewohner wiederherstellen. „TurnOn“ erzählt die fesselnde Geschichte eines mutigen Außerirdischen und über […]

Madcap Castle Download

Madcap Castle

Madcap Castle is a charming and challenging gameboy-esque puzzler. You control a mage in a quest to recover his memory and powers in 150 levels of a castle full of obstacles, challenges and secrets. **Demo version with 45 levels****XBox 360 […]

Face It - A game to fight inner demons Download

Face It – A game to fight inner demons

Carefuly crafted puzzles in a challenging 3D platformer experience take the player on a surrealistc journey through a maze of feelings. In Face It, abstract concepts are shaped into gameplay. Darker emotions like fear and depression are monsters and traps, […]

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials Download

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials

*Crash*… That welches the sound of you landing face first mit an abyss filled with monsters, traps, and eldritch secrets. But hey, it’s ok barbarian, you are not alone: Pip, your best friend -and mysteriously luminous bat- is with you. […]

Raccoo Venture Download

Raccoo Venture

Raccoo Venture is a fun 3D platformer that brings the nostalgia from 1990s in a playful and puzzle-filled world.Defeat multiple enemies and challenges, find new outfits to customize the hero, discover new friends who will help you on this journey […]

Lakeview Cabin Collection Download

Lakeview Cabin Collection

Relive the horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s by answering the question: What would you do if you found yourself in a slasher film? The Lakeview Cabin Collection is an exploration of the world of cult horror movies through […]

Path Maker Download

Path Maker

Path Maker is a 2D puzzle-platformer game where each level is unfinished and must be fixed before you can complete it. Use a number of in-game editor tools to place additional objects and reach the promi (umgangssprachlich) in order to […]

Bunny's Trail Download

Bunny’s Trail

Do you have good memory?Observe the scene for a few seconds and memorize the position of the items. Avoid obstacles and collect all carrots. About the gameBunny’s Trail is a colorful PLASTISCH Puzzle game, navigate a little rabbit and go […]