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Stone it! Download

Stone it!

Stone it! – Das Logikspiel, bei dem Jene einen Block zum Anliegen rollen müssen. Lösen Jene Rätsel mit Knöpfen, räumen Sie die Straße via Lasern und unteren Brücken – tun Sie vieles, um das Ziel abgeschlossen erreichen. Schöne Orte sorgen […]

Easter Pairs Download

Easter Pairs

A game in the classic „memory“ genre. The images of eggs are laid out on the playing field, your task is to find paired ones. For speed and the least number of misses you get zugabe points. You can choose […]

Your Music Puzzle Download

Your Music Puzzle

Gameplay is follows: you drag & drop any mp3/wav music track into game’s window and it breaks up into short puzzle pieces and gets shuffled. Now you have to put it back together using nothing but sound, colors are purely […]

Geocells Quadcells Download

Geocells Quadcells

Welcome to Quadcells Quadcells is a quirky logic puzzle game and is the second game in the Geocells series. The aim of the game is to solve a series of puzzles using clues and logic. No guessing required! Quadcells includes: […]

Bunny's Trail Download

Bunny’s Trail

Do you have good memory?Observe the scene for a few seconds and memorize the position of the items. Avoid obstacles and collect all carrots. About the gameBunny’s Trail is a colorful PLASTISCH Puzzle game, navigate a little rabbit and go […]

Wordle 2 Download

Wordle 2

Wordle 2 – an our next word puzzle game. Find the words by moving the mouse among the letters represented. There are many thematic exercises to choose from and they smoothly increase the complexity of the puzzle. Work your head […]

Game Of Puzzles: Slavic Mythology Download

Game Of Puzzles: Slavic Mythology

Game Of Puzzles: Slavic Mythology – is a puzzle game where you need to assemble a complete image from several pieces.Assemble one big image from small images and you will be able to move to a new level as well […]

Cybernetica Download


Cybernetica is a tower defense game. The player’s task is to destroy the enemies with the help of buildings before they cross the base. With the help of 7 towers you need to cope with 50 waves of enemies. Each […]

Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge Download

Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge

A towering word-game and mystery-story mash-up! Following a sudden earthquake, Seb must escape a crumbling skyscraper. Along the way he will make some intriguing new friends, and together they might eben unravel the sinister origins of the ‚quake, assuming they […]

SMIB: Mission Cure Download

SMIB: Mission Cure

SMIB (Space Multitask Intelligent Bot) is a small and smart robot created by humans for critical missions. It can be sent to planets in diverse environments, being remotely monitored and controlled by operators on Earth. Its current mission is the […]

Trivia Vault: Celebrity Trivia Download

Trivia Vault: Celebrity Trivia

Welcome to the Trivia Vault contestant! Play as a contestant in a gameshow called Trivia Vault Celebrity Trivia and bring your thinking hat. Answer celebrity trivia questions as quickly as you can, the faster you answer the higher the cash […]

TetraLogical Download


A turn-based slotting in/strategy game with a BIG twist! Play either solo (un-timed, or against the clock, or even the addictive new BLITZ!, LIMITED MOVES, and PUZZLE modes! ), or against up to 3 CPU *or* Human players. Take turns […]