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Desktop Ricardo Download

Desktop Ricardo

Der beste Flexer im gesamten Universum befindet sich jetzt auf Ihrem Desktop! Ricardo wird überall bei dir sein, egal was du gerade machst: dich der wahren männlichen Kunst anschließen, Anime schauen, mein kleines Pony spielen oder Liebesbotschaft für deinen Freund […]

Idle Armada Download

Idle Armada

Deep idle game with NO ads, and NO in-app-purchases! Watch your pixelated fleet battle in real-time. Build up your economy, upgrade your ships, and collect a variety of loot from dead enemy ships to assist your ships mit battle! Balance […]

Idle Big Devil Download

Idle Big Devil

Humans, Demons, Elves and Undead coexist peacefully on the same continent until the balance welches broken: A fallen prince of the human kingdom accepted the contract with Undead, and evil spirits arose from the echt to cloud the minds of […]

迷途 Download


收集物资,合理利用资源,努力的在末世中生存。改装基地车,打开车载收音机,向着目的地出发吧! 一个熟悉又陌生的世界,外星文明的降临让气候变得十分恶劣。辐射沙暴席卷了整个世界,一切都充满了未知。炎热的天气和短缺的食物让旅途变得更加危险,冒险者您能驾驶基地车生存下去并完成隐秘的任务吗? 生存、改造 探索废弃的民居,寻找食品药品和材料,关注您的生命、饥饿、饥渴、辐射状态。一辆被升级了的房车在这个年代是十分珍贵的,它就是每个冒险者的私有基地,时刻留意车辆的能源,没有了车辆在这充满辐射沙暴的世界将是寸步难行。在车库升级您的车辆吧,引擎、油箱让你的车辆跑的更快更远。涂装、设备制造、食品加工、装备生产、药品制作,车上的工作台可以更好的满足生存需求。 探索、收集 沙暴,热浪,暴雨,多变的天气,驾驶着一辆被改装了的基地车前往未知的目的地。在废弃的房屋中,报废的车辆里,几十种食品与工业原料等待着你来寻找。文明停止于外星飞船降临的第三年,散落在各处的不止有武装炮台,也有着记录着各种资料的文档,这里究竟发生了什么?这段失落的历史等待着冒险者您来拼凑。 游戏特性 ●驾驶房车进行的末世公路旅行●改造车辆,包括车辆性能、涂装、外观套件、车内工作台、储存箱等●玩家可以离开车辆进行探索●抵抗恶劣的天气气候,沙尘天气会带来辐射伤害●昼夜交替●探索废弃的民居,收集食品、材料、文档●多种风格的车载音乐与经典有声小说

Cute Honey 2 Download

Cute Honey 2

Cute Honey 2 is a casual strategy game, how to get liquid into the cup is the core of this game.The plot CG of this game will advance with the water game.Various CG scenes.Different costume props. Cute and sexy two different girls. Interesting and creative brush play. The new auto mode is waiting for your discovery. Thirty brand new levels for you to play. A new story awaits your discovery Japanese/Chinese full audio […]



The SPACE/MECH/PILOT program is available to the general public – for free! Hello (Hello), welcome to the SPACE/MECH/PILOT program, an idle-RPG clicker video game entertainment simulation unlike any other. With this exciting (and brand-new) SPACE/MECH/PILOT program, you get to fully […]

Cube Crisis Download

Cube Crisis

Cube Crisis, a casual single-player game that testberichte hand-eye coordination, needs INTERESSANTE control ability to avoid blocks which are moving faster and faster. The game provides 4 different levels of difficulty. Press the button you horde to avoid the blocks. […]

Above the Stars Download

Above the Stars

Battle wave after wave of heinous enemy ships. Tackle ruthless foes and fight to defend your planet and species from sure fire destruction. There to keep you company, your ever-upbeat (often inappropriately so) AI assistant, Mac. Deploy a sprawling system […]

SuperNatural Duels Download

SuperNatural Duels

Hurricane clicker with beautiful monsters, dozens of upgrades and endless worlds, back in action, you have to destroy a new wave of dangerous supernatural creatures, collect gold and improve your power! Game Features: – Complexity – Beautiful Visual style – […]

The Magician's Research Download

The Magician’s Research

The MAGICIAN’S RESEARCH is an RPG style IDLE – INCREMENTAL – MANAGEMENT Game! The Experiments of the Mage’s Guild have broken out and you are tasked with tracking down, researching, and disposing of them before they can disturb the nearby […]

Covid-19 - Corona Clicker Download

Covid-19 – Corona Clicker

Covid-19 – Corona Clicker – allows players to face the problem of inventing the vaccine for Covid-19. Starting with individual personal protective equipment, by engaging the army, closing airports, building own laboratories – the player is approaching the victory of […]

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Clicker Download

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon Clicker

Was hat der Wilde Westen außer staubigen Steppenläufern noch zu bieten? Das große Geld!Dies ist deine Chance, der milliardenschwere Pionier deiner Träume zu werden und die Wirtschaft des sagenumwobenen Wilden Westens zu lenken! Jeder Bereich hat seine eigenen lukrativen, aufrüstbaren […]