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GameGuru - Medical Pack Download

GameGuru – Medical Pack

GameGuru Medical Pack If your game levels require a medical element then look no further than this pack! You get a great selection of large furniture and equipment items, as well as small objects and items you can assemble for […]

Driver Booster 4 Upgrade to Pro (Lifetime) Download

Driver Booster 4 Upgrade to Pro (Lifetime)

Driver Booster 4 for STEAM, as a powerful and easy-to-use driver updater, provides 1-click solution to rapidly & securely update drivers including the outdated, missing and faulty ones. It aims to fix computer problems, such as system crash, BSOD, device […]

Electronic Piano Download

Electronic Piano

Über diese Software Electronic Piano ist ein einfacher Klaviertastatursimulator, der anzufangen hilft, Musik ohne spezielle Sachkenntnisse oder Ausrüstung zu schaffen. Der starke eingebaute Synthesizer wird dir Mengen deiner eigenen einzigartigen Töne erzeugen helfen. Eigenschaften Von Electronic Piano Unterstützung von MIDI-Keyboards […]

Sterio Download


Über diese Software Sterio is a programming tool to allow 3D graphics engineers to use standard photographic units to take, import, and adequately convert the stereoscopic images into 3D normal maps, apply appropriate textures, and subsequently enter them into the […]

Sim Racing Telemetry - Project Cars 2 Download

Sim Racing Telemetry – Project Cars 2

With this module you will be unlock the full and unlimited erleichterung for “ Project Cars 2 in (by Slightly Mad Studios) in Sim Racing Telemetry. To use this module you must own a copy of „Project Cars 2“ on […]

Fantasy Grounds - The Bleak Harvest (5E) Download

Fantasy Grounds – The Bleak Harvest (5E)

The Bleak Harvest (5E) The Bleak Harvest, a horror adventure by Total Party Kill Games The patients of Willowbrook Sanitarium are in grave danger… With each new day, another patient at the Willowbrook Sanitarium falls victim to an unseen menace […]

SoundPackager 10 Download

SoundPackager 10

Ãœber diese Software Tired of the default Windows sound scheme? SoundPackager is the solution! Instantly change the default sounds on your PC with the high quality and cohesive sound packages provided, plus enjoy cloud access to thousands of different sounds. […]

Fantasy Grounds - Moon at the Edge of Oblivion Download

Fantasy Grounds – Moon at the Edge of Oblivion

Moon at the Edge of Oblivion In the distant future, humanity has expanded out of its own solar system to the very edges of the galaxy. The cosmically rich take „hypercruises, “ allowing them to see the most spectacular parts […]

Virtual Battlemap DLC - Caves Download

Virtual Battlemap DLC – Caves

The Underworld, full of darkness and mystery! Create a simple cave for player to camp darüber hinaus, or an entire ecosystem for a dark race to inhabit. Mix Cave and Dungeon assets together to make millions of new maps! You […]

Simplode Suite - Basic Power Management Download

Simplode Suite – Basic Power Management

Basic Power Management anbietet einfachen Zugriff auf grundlegende Funktionen zur Energie- ferner Sitzungsverwaltung. Es enthält ebenso einige etwas erweiterte Funktionen wie das Ausschalten Ihrer Monitore oder das Zu rate ziehen oder den Ruhezustand Ihres Computers, während viele oft auftretende Weckauslöser […]