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Skate Forever Download

Skate Forever

Skate Forever is a classic 2D runner with a side view. You control a boy skater who is just in love with this sport. Test your reaction, make the skater jump darüber hinaus time and overcome obstacles and enemies. On […]

Ninja Scarf Download

Ninja Scarf

It’s okay to cry–as long as you save the day, right? Join Cry, a young ninja, as he overcomes his shy nature to stand against a powerful threat. Journey through each exciting area, master four unique weapons and, most importantly, […]

Lakeview Cabin Collection Download

Lakeview Cabin Collection

Relive the horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s by answering the question: What would you do if you found yourself in a slasher film? The Lakeview Cabin Collection is an exploration of the world of cult horror movies through […]

Path Maker Download

Path Maker

Path Maker is a 2D puzzle-platformer game where each level is unfinished and must be fixed before you can complete it. Use a number of in-game editor tools to place additional objects and reach the promi (umgangssprachlich) in order to […]

狂潮-Staggering Through The Dark Download

狂潮-Staggering Through The Dark

As a historical novel with interaction and multiple endings, the story is connected with several real events happened in 1970s, trying to figure out how power changed and what was the driven energy of those social movements. As a journalist, […]

Keep Wall Download

Keep Wall

Protect your home from the merciless tanks, they come with full of ammunition. Send the trucks to create the wall prepare for their attacking as soon as you can. Shows them, it’s not easy to pass you! And make high […]

space vanguard Download

space vanguard

Imperial calendar: in 30xx, during operation spider web, the imperial army successfully wiped out large federal troops in star brett 57, resulting in the annihilation of a large number of effective forces.According to the yellow plan, enter phase b, launch […]

Saboteur SiO Download

Saboteur SiO

Saboteur SiO ist natürlich die offizielle Fortsetzung jener klassischen Retro-Spiele Saboteur! ferner Saboteur II: Avenging Angel.Bereise die Welt in dieser ursprünglichen Ninja-Mission, die vom ursprünglichen Schreiber Clive Townsend erstellt ferner entwickelt wurde. 1985 Saboteur! erhielt die prestigeträchtige Auszeichnung „The Absturz […]

Spinch Download


Betritt die Welt sprudelnder Farben ferner tauche tief in die neue Ökologie voller Weg, leuchtender Levels und schwieriger Hindernisse ein. Überschreite chip materielle Welt und schlüpfe in deine wahre Beschaffenheit als Spinch, um deine Babys in diesem farbenfrohen Plattformer vor […]

鹿易想要活到世界尽头 Download


20XX年,人类为了探索宇宙的奥秘,将长颈鹿塞进太空船,决定让鹿氏族做一次无限期的长久太空旅行。 30XX年,鹿易诞生后不久,飞船坠落异星,但此时的长颈鹿氏族,已经因为长期宅在飞船里,四肢退化,只有脖子还能灵活运动。 为了生存,鹿易打开舱门,选择用仅存的运动能力,在异星存活。。。 好想活到世界尽头啊! 游戏中玩家通过鼠标移动控制鹿易摆动脖子移动身体,左键挥舞武器战斗或在空中调整姿态。 游戏因为开发时间比较短,暂时只有一个关卡主题也就是森林,和一个boss,通关后获得分数进行全球排名~ 分数与战斗中击杀的外星人和通关时间挂钩,努力获得更高的分数吧! 这是两个人非常短时间做出来的小品游戏!希望可以在生活闲暇带给大家一丝欢乐~ 我们已经开始制作新的作品了,想要关注的可以加QQ群1128505960哦~

Weg der Helden Download

Weg der Helden

Das Spiel beginnt, wenn unsere Helden in die Stadt Worms kommen. Die Bewohner der Stadt begannen nach der Ankunft der dunklen Macht an ihrer Stelle zu verschwinden. Ein Anwohner sagt dem Helden, dass der Berg das Totenbuch, das in den […]

Sockventure: Prologue Download

Sockventure: Prologue

Sockventure is a geschicht about a kid whose favorite sock gets eaten by a cursed washing machine. Kid needs immediate help and calls superhero Supersock to the rescue and the adventure begins. Help Supersock to find his way through the […]