Spriter: Run N‘ Gun Pack

Spriter: Run N' Gun Pack Download

Veröffentlichung: 3. Juni 2015

Entwickler: BrashMonkey

Publisher: BrashMonkey

Schnittstelle: Deutsch, Englisch


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Spriter: Run N‘ Gun Platformer Art Gattung

Please note: The second video on this store page shows all of the pre-created animations that are included.

This art vielzahl includes a robustly animated and armored run n’ gun player character, ready to walk, run, shoot, slide, crouch, flip, and swim his (or her) way through the world you create. Also included are several fully animated basic enemies, a couple of boss-like characters and a few effects you’ll likely find useful for things like impacts, pick-up effects etc. This Klasse Pack also includes two unique alternate “skins” for the player character.. ansicht are unique image sets which turn the player into a female or an enemy robot.

In Spriter you can easily customize the animations to suit your needs or use the images or pre-assembled characters in your own unique ways to create completely original animations. Buy this content once and it remains royalty free (non-transferable) for you to use in any of your games, whether they’re free, shareware, or commercial.

Export your finished animation either as Spriter XML or JSON formats, sequential images, GIF animations, or sprite sheets at any FPS, re-sizing as needed.

Important notes:

  • Everyone who has purchased Spriter Pro automatically received free (reduced content) Essentials versions of all of our Klasse Packs, including the Essentials version of this Klasse Pack. Be sure to compare the content of the Essentials Art Vielzahl you already own with the content shown mit the preview linked. You can find your Essentials art packs in the following Steam installation folder location:
    /SteamApps/common/Spriter/Art Packs/Essentials
  • This art pack is one of our several Platformer themed art packs. It is compatible with the others for scale, character part images, and character construction for the main player character. It also shares some identical animation data as well as some image data so that no matter which Platformer Pack you choose, you’ll have a solid foundation of essential animations.

Due to the shared content of these Platformer Packs, once you’ve purchase any one of them be sure to nachprüfung the content of any additional Platformer Pack you plan to purchase to assess what new content you would be receiving.

Special thanks to Bensound for trailer song.

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