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Armored Warfare - ZBD-86 Neon Download

Armored Warfare – ZBD-86 Neon

„Beim ZBD-86 (auch alias WZ-501 oder Type-86-SPz) handelt es sich um diese eine, nicht lizenzierte chinesische Exemplar des sowjetischen BMP-1, dieser in den 1980er Jahren Ägypten abgekauft wurde. Dasjenige Fahrzeug ist praktisch qua seinem sowjetischen Gegenstück gleichartig, sogar der Motor […]

LoveBeat - Standard Clown Pack Download

LoveBeat – Standard Clown Pack

Happy 31. oktober 2019! This pack contains exclusive Halloween items, including the clown costume. Let’s dress up as a clown and play pranks! [Contents] It contains all of the following items: * Clown Costume (30days)– It includes everything you need […]

Europa Universalis III: Enlightenment SpritePack Download

Europa Universalis III: Enlightenment SpritePack

Diese Sprite-Paket beinhaltet 16 neue Sprites für die westlichen Mächte der Jahre 1700 bis 1795. Enthaltene Uniformenr: Dutch Spanish French British Portuguese Danish Prussian Scottish Austrian Swedish American Scandinavian Venetian Revolutionary French English Generic Western 16 historisch authentische Einheiten für […]

Coloring Game 3 Download

Coloring Game 3

Coloring Game 3 is a new paint-by-number game which has already won hearts of numerous players. Now the game offers new difficulty modes. 15 (30) new free images. Each image has two difficulty modes. In order to gain all the […]

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting Download

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting

My Lands ist eine kostenlose Onlinestrategie in Echtzeit, die auf dem Kampf von Gut und Böse in Fantasywelt beruht. Interaktion um Spielern, gemeinsame Entwicklung dieser Wirtschaft, Schließung der Allianzen, Gründung von Sippen des weiteren Ausarbeitung einer Teamstrategie – all das […]

Summerland Download


In every door lies another memory, and every memory unlocks another door. There’s a flash of white, and you suddenly find yourself in mit unfamiliar place. A locked door keeps you enclosed in this small, empty room — well, empty […]

Nonograms Prophecy Download

Nonograms Prophecy

FEATURES: ☑ Over 380 puzzles to solve!☑ Unique, Ancient Greece design!☑ 3 game modes: Classic, Color, Big Picture!☑ Interactive tutorial to help beginners!☑ Advanced puzzles for experts!☑ All the puzzles approved by Zeus! OVERVIEW: Nonograms Prophecy is a logical game […]

Idle Champions - Jarlaxle's Starter Pack Download

Idle Champions – Jarlaxle’s Starter Pack

Get a DROW ENHANCED boost to your power with a full set of rare items and an exclusive Golden Epic for Jarlaxle! We’ll also toss in 5 Gold Chests to power you up even more! This pack includes: Majestic Rapier […]

RoShamBo Download


OVERVIEW Welcome to RoShamBo arena! A brand new FREE arena fighting game, based on a classic rock-paper-scissors! Choose your character out of dozens unique looks, customize your gear, fight other players, knock their teeth out and become the best in […]

Mutation Mayhem Download

Mutation Mayhem

Dropped in a new environment you must struggle, fight, and adapt to survive. You must overcome harsh environments, giant apex predators, and others vying for power. By beating other animals you can take their adaptations for yourself. Mix and match […]