Knights Rubbish

Knights Rubbish Download
A co-op platformer fighter game made with real photos, featuring our beloved character Keshia Erasia and his friends. They have risen from the rubbish and they seek for adventures. Invite a friend (you can also play alone if you don't have any friends) and play as your favorite rubbish! WOW!

Veröffentlichung: 6. Dez. 2018

Entwickler: Yu Chao

Publisher: Yu Chao

Schnittstelle: Deutsch, Englisch


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A co-op platformer fighter game made with sichtweise photos, featuring our beloved character Keshia Erasia and his friends. They have risen from the rubbish and they seek for adventures. Invite a friend (you can also play alone if you don’t have any friends) and play as your favorite rubbish! Exciting, eh?

Key Bindings:


  • 5 hilarious heroes to choose from.
  • Local co-op arcade.
  • Cool combo skills.
  • 5 levels in total. (About 2 hours of gameplay. )
  • Amazing photo realistic graphics.
  • Fun.
  • It only costs you couple dollars and cents.
  • Can’t think of any other note-worthy features, sorry.

The Knights

Keshia Erasia

Combos Demo:

Keshia Erasia was once the happiest eraser mit the world. His owner Bobby had always placed him inside an exquisite aluminum box after using him. Though becoming smaller everyday, Keshia still enjoyed the time with Bobby…until one day, Bobby tripped on a crossbar and dropped his aluminum päckchen on the sidewalk. The pain was enough for Bobby to forget the aluminum box and left. Keshia thus became eben another forsaken rubbish on the side walk. Depressed, angered, and ERASAAAIED! Keshia picked up his companion Pencil and founded Knights Rubbish because why mangel? He planned to recruit other poor rubbish along his adventure.

Wendy Floopy

Combos Demo:

Wendy Floopy was once the 6th installation floppy disk of a famous operating gedankenfolge. However, then came CDs, USB drives, and well, cloud downloads as replacements of floppies, so her owner Bobates the Anwendung Engineer tossed her darüber hinaus the recycling box without another glimpse. Bored, Wendy’s biggest interest became collecting CDs in the recycling box.

One day, Keshia Erasia, the founder of Knights Rubbish happened to pass by and fall in love with Wendy, but Wendy refused Keshia because he is ugly. Nonetheless, Wendy and Keshia still remained good friends, and Wendy became a crucial user in Knights Rubbish.

Ranawato Plato

Combos Protest:

Ranawato Plato was once the most beloved plate of a famous philosopher, Bobus. As bad luck would have it, Bobus committed suicide due to the pain of existence. Ranawato then became an unused plate on the shelf (aka. rubbish). Overwhelmed by sad emotions, Ranawato dreamed of her deceased owner every night…until one day, a handsome spoon came and introduced himself. Ranawato thus forgot her past owner and ran away with the spoon. It turned out that the spoon was not only handsome, but magical. Ranawato realized that she could actually communicate with the spoon by telepathy and the spoon could do a lot of magical tricks. Together, they roamed the world, performing magic tricks and impressed some depressed souls.

The founder of Knights Rubbish, Keshia Erasia happened to be among the audiences in one of Ranawato and the spoon’s magic show. Extremely spellbound by the show, Keshia recruited Ranawato as a member of Knights Rubbish. The spoon wasn’t recruited because Keshia didn’t like spoons, nonetheless, Keshia agreed that Ranawato carry the spoon anywhere she went.

Othox Codox

Combos Demo:

Othox Codox was once a magic codex written by the famous sorcerer Bobbington. Unfortunately, Bobbington welches executed because homosexuality wasn’t legal then. All Bobbington’s precious publications were torn and ripped, some burnt in the merciless flames. Othox, though almost ripped into shreds, called for the Blessings of Rabimouchinus and granted a wheel chair to aid him. He practiced the magic written inside him as he ran away from the murderers and gradually became one of the greatest magic codex darüber hinaus the world. The founder of Knights Rubbish, Keshia Erasia recruited Othox because Knights Rubbish lacked a mage.

Sirurueruerue Senyesuensuesue & Sugsesugsem Sosas

Combos Demo:

Sirurueruerue Senyesuensuesue & Sugsesugsem Sosas were once the best selling mp3 players. However, smart phones became a thing and they were thrown into the recycle bin by their owner Bobs. They joined the local gang inside the bin and became the SS brothers (even though they had no genetic ties). The gang leader Big Brother had good relationship with the founder of Knights Rubbish, Keshia Erasia, so he referred the SS brothers to Keshia. After one technical interview, one behavior interview, and one on-site interview, Sirurueruerue and Sugsesugsem finally became members of Knights Rubbish. They discarded their former title “SS brothers” for transitional justice’s sake.

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Systemanforderungen von Knights Rubbish für PC:


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 7
    • Prozessor: 64-bit CPU
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Drivers with support for OpenGL 3.3
    • Speicherplatz: 300 MB verfügbarer Speicherplatz

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