Endless Space 2: OST

Endless Space 2: OST Download

Veröffentlichung: 3. Juli 2020

Entwickler: AMPLITUDE Studios

Publisher: SEGA

Schnittstelle: Deutsch, Englisch, Finnisch, Brasilianisches Portugiesisch, Russisch, Vereinfachtes Chinesisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch | Voller Sound: Englisch


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Composed by Arnaud Roy (a. k. a Flybyno).

„Soft ambient trance and aphotic orchestral music will take you on a trip amongst the stars of the universe with FlybyNo’s Endless Space 2. FlybyNo’s compositional skills are superb as ever on this soundtrack; the use of orchestral music, synthetic drones, and percussive elements will leave you on the frontier of the pure and vast unknown. Trance-like beats fill the microcosm of unexplored space between the grooves, while Arnaud’s signature harp flutters down, leaving you floating in an ethereal and peaceful swathe of strings. “ -vgmwax. com

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    • Speicherplatz (hochqualitatives Audio): Weitere 2 GB freier Speicherplatz

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