Dead by Daylight: Original Soundtrack

Dead by Daylight: Original Soundtrack Download

Veröffentlichung: 14. Juni 2016

Entwickler: Behaviour Digital Inc.

Publisher: Behaviour Digital Inc.

Schnittstelle: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch – Spanien, Arabisch, Dänisch, Niederländisch, Finnisch, Japanisch, Norwegisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Brasilianisches Portugiesisch, Russisch, Schwedisch, Türkisch


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Dead by Daylight: Echt Soundtracks contains the memorable music from the game. It includes a collection of 18 MP3 songs made by composer Michel F. April.

A Word from the Composer

After reading the synopsis I das was hooked! Even though the surroundings look and feel absolutely real to you, you’re in for a surprise! As a survivor, you think you can outsmart the stalker. Again, nothing could be further from the truth… let’s just say that death is not an escape.

It is certainly the most addictive game I’ve played thanks to Behaviour’s evil geniuses!

To capture the essence of this «one-track-mind-almost-indestructible» killer, I immediately switched to «reptilian brain» mode. Having the luxury and excitement of scoring while playing the game in the development process allowed us to make adjustments so that the music is seamlessly integrated in all other aspects of the game experience.

Creating with this state of mind was a truly compelling and thrilling experience, and with this soundtrack, I hope to re-capture as much as possible the multi-state nature of Dead By Daylight.

Enjoy it and if you can, play it loud! – Michel F. April

Track List

  • 1. Dead by Daylight (Theme)
  • 2. Closing Mit
  • 3. Being Watched
  • 4. No Place to Hide
  • 5. Petrified
  • 6. Disoriented
  • 7. Darkness Rising
  • 8. Liberation
  • 9. Suffering
  • zehn. Entity Brain
  • 11. One Track Mind
  • 12. Punished
  • 13. Enduring Torment
  • 14. The Hook
  • 15. Dark Infinity
  • 16. Death Is Not mit Escape
  • 17. Black Blood (Bonus Track)
  • 18. Dead Again (Bonus Track)

Please note – The Dead by Daylight: Official Soundtrack will be placed in your Dead by Daylight folder darüber hinaus the Steam Directory:… SteamsteamappscommonDeadbyDaylightDead by Daylight Original Soundtrack


  • All tracks by Michel F. April

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